My Projects

Here are some things I've made and/or done

Jams and Competitions

  • Home Cooked (Global Game Jam 2019)
    • A cooking game
  • For The Team! (Ludum Dare #43)
    • An experiment to see how much content I could create in a 48 hour jam
  • Blue Marble Sniper (Ludum Dare #41)
    • Bullet Hell + Stealth
    • A comedy internet celebrity simulator, where the more fans you have, the worse it is (for your health)
  • Feng Shui VR (Ludum Dare #37)
    • I wanted to experiment with something strange for this one, so I had the idea to build up attack power by organizing furniture in a small room (with feng shui!).
  • Coop D'├ętat (#indiesvspewdiepie)
    • An unnecessarily violent game featuring chickens and farmers


If you browse through my git server, you might find some public repos there that are for projects I haven't listed here. I don't update my website often, but I add stuff to that server all the time.

Not Software

  • Bandhwari
    • Non-profit in India to empower women